Google Places has merged with Google+

As you probably know, most consumers go online to search for local products or services such as yours. One way that businesses in the area currently capture their attention is by having a well-optimized Google Places listing.

However, you should know that Google Places has merged with Google Plus, creating a new local listing system called Google Plus Local (or Google+ Local). Now, businesses will be required to have a Google Plus account in order to have a local business listing with them.

In addition, Google has gotten rid of the 5-star customer review system in exchange for a more detailed scoring system, which will impact how your customer reviews are rated.

While this change presents even more opportunities for your local business to generate new customers, it could be very confusing for you as there are some major differences between the two systems.

So make sure you understand how this change will impact your business in particular and what you need to do to capitalize on the benefits of the new Google Plus Local listing system.

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