Build Landing Pages In Minutes

No matter what kind of landing page you want to create, we have pre-built optimized templates you can use to instantly get your landing page on your website faster than ever.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is another name for a capture lead form. A good landing page will be targeted to a particular stream of traffic - say from an email campaign advertising a particular ebook - and, because it is targeted, and because it has an interesting offer behind a lead capture form, you will convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into leads with which you can follow up.

Create Landing Pages with our Point & Click Interface

We know your not a web designer and we don't expect you to be one. Without coding knowledge, building complex and professional looking landing pages can often cause challenges and headaches but not any more. You can create & edit your landing pages with our revolutionary “Live Editor” that has a simple point & click Interface – No Coding Required.

Landing pages that fit all screen sizes!

In todays market you need your landing pages to be optimized for all platforms — desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. All landing pages you build with our system have a responsive design which dynamically resize to fit different devices and screen sizes.

Over 250 Pre-built Elements for your Landing Pages!

Choose from Over 250 Pre-built Elements for your Landing Pages to Add More Functionality

Our system comes with a complete library of pre-built elements for your landing pages.  These elements can be used to add functionality to your landing pages or add graphics to increase conversions. Choose from elements ranging from Opt-in boxes, Headline styles, Bullet Lists, Feature Blocks, Feature Boxes, Guarantee graphics, Pricing Tables and much much more. You have complete control over every element and can easily customize it using the intuitive “LiveEditor”.

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