Marketing is only an expense when it’s done incorrectly

Most businesses put 90% of their time into distribution of their products & services and only 10% into marketing. You MUST market if your going to make money and keep your business alive. Most accountants will show you that marketing & advertising falls into the expense side of your business, and I know it feels that way when your writing the checks. Yet, marketing is your BEST investment.

Think about it this way. If you were to run a $1,000 advertisement that returned you $2,000 in profit in a matter of weeks, then you’d be doubling your money. And what’s more, you can run that ad as many times as you like because it never cost you anything; it always makes you money! Sounds like a great investment to us. Marketing is only an expense when it’s done incorrectly.

About Jim Slaton

Jim Slaton is the CEO of Main Street Marketing, a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing automation. He is a digital marketing expert with extensive experience consulting in marketing automation, inbound-marketing and advanced marketing solutions focused on converting engagement into customer acquisition. Jim is a high energy speaker with an action packed life that is over flowing with valuable experiences to share with you and your company. Jim was a parachute stuntman with over 10,000 parachute jumps and the 2004 US National Champion of Parachuting. He was an Airborne Ranger in the US Army Special Operations and graduated from some of the military's toughest schools.

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