The New Trend: Local Mobile Marketing Advertising

In recent years, the popularity of mobile marketing has increased.  It has now reached the point where local mobile marketing advertising is becoming a big hit.  Because the connections are always available, you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world at any time.  More businesses and users are taking advantage of being able to find things and advertise things locally. Local mobile marketing advertising should be an integral part of your promotional campaign because of the ability to attract leads and new customers. It is an effective and cost efficient method that can also be used to keep and increase customer loyalty. The number of applications being used by consumers has increased by 40% and the use of a browser on a mobile device has also increased by 20%.  People are increasingly searching for things on the go.  Changing and new technology has contributed to this factor. Let’s take a look at exactly what local mobile marketing advertising is. It is the art of targeting an audience while you are out on the road.  If you’re in Philadelphia, you can target people in the area you are in.  If you live in New York, you can reach the population there. How Can I Take Advantage of Local Mobile Marketing Advertising? Using mobile apps, you can find and target qualified leads with geo location technology.  Many of the new portable devices now how have this ability built into them. There are also services you can use such as social media giant Facebook and Foursquare. If you use Facebook, you can tag people that you were with or those who are interested in the same things you are.   Not only can photos be tagged, but statuses can also. Users can also post information about their experiences with anything with a simple comment.  On Facebook, you can also find people to target using the “Find People” feature. The suggestion tool that Facebook incorporates is useful also. Foursquare is another social network that you can use to connect with people.  People can check in to a place they are visiting and share details about their experience there, what they like or dislike and also see friends who may be near where you are. Local Mobile Marketing Advertising How To It’s really simple.  You already know that the opportunities you can find with this method are endless.  Anyone you find or communicate with can become a valuable player in a two way business relationship. Sign up for an account with Facebook, Facebook Places and Foursquare.   It’s simple by just following the prompts on the screen. Using Facebook Places, you have the advantage of checking if someone is nearby that you can communicate with. Once you’ve signed up with all of the listed sites, you can offer incentives to your new contacts such as discounts, bonuses for getting more visitors to your profile. When you add a location that you’ve been too or claim an existing one, you’ll get a page set up for you. Make the most of it by posting.  Get people to Like it and share it with people on their friends list.

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